Warms Ups Scheduled to Help You Train for Step Up!

The  Up Center is hosting FREE Warm UP training sessions to help you get ready for Step Up for The Up Center on January 26th! Our next one is Saturday, Nov. 17th at 9 a.m. at the Dominion Tower.

Led by the trainers at the YMCA, you’ll get great stair climbing tips, a practice session at the event site and an overall great work out!

Here are tips to help you in your daily routine.
1 Build Up.
Start climbing 2 times a week for 10 minutes
at a time and 5 minutes each week until you’re
climbing  twice a week for 30 minutes each
climb. Use real stairs instead of a stair climber
exercise machine, if possible.
2 Speed Up.
Do an “easy” climb for 2 minutes followed by 1
minute of speed climbing at near “maximum”
effort. Remember: “Easy” and “maximum” are
general terms and will vary by individual.
3 Mix Up.
• Climb every step on some floors and skip steps
on other floors.
• Race the clock. Climb the stairs you use for
training and time yourself, then race your own
best time.
4 Leg Up.
Use weights to boost your strength! Leg press,
leg extension or curl machines can increase the
strength and stamina of your leg muscles. Squats,
lunges, jump squats, or mountain climbers can also
help you fly up those stairs!
5 Flex Up.
Stretch your lower leg and lower back muscles
every 5 minutes after each workout. Attend a
yoga class once a week for added flexibility and
muscle tone.
6 Eat and Drink Up!
An adequate variety of fruits, vegetables,
complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats
will best support your training. Be sure to drink
enough fluids–especially, water!

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