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Talking With Your Child About Friendships








Every child wants friends. But not every child will be a good friend.

Knowing when to work on or end a friendship can be difficult, especially for tweens and teens.

Your son or daughter may need help in determining if a friendship is healthy or unbalanced.

Help your child decide whether a relationship should continue or stop by discussing these questions:
1. What are the most important qualities for a friend?
2. Do you feel respected? Are you treating your friend with respect?
3. Who is the giver and who is the taker in the relationship? Is it equal?
4. Has the relationship changed? In what way?
5. Do you feel unsafe around your friend and vice versa?
6. What common interests do you share? Are they the same or changing?
7. Is your friend a positive influence?
8. Does your friend act differently when others are around?
9. Have you changed to please this person? Did he or she change to please you? How?
10. Do you trust each other?

Friendships matter. Talk to your child about the requirements and benefits of healthy relationships.

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