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For People With Disabilities

Special Needs Trust

A reliable way to set aside financial support for someone with a disability.
A reliable way to set aside financial support for someone with a disability.

About the Program

The Up Center can help you set up a Special Needs Trust established with the Beneficiary’s own funds. This funding may come from a personal injury award, workers’ compensation claim, inheritance, savings or Social Security back payment. A special needs trust is a reliable way to set aside money for the future of someone with a disability.
The Grantor of the Trust can be the Beneficiary with special needs, a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or the Court. For Beneficiaries receiving Medicaid, this type of trust is sometimes referred to as a Medicaid payback trust. The First-Party Pooled Special Needs Trust provides fiscal oversight to ensure that the funds are used for the sole benefit of the Beneficiary, provides management, and can be used to enrich the quality of life for the Beneficiary.

What Makes Us Different

The Up Center has a variety of programs and services to help support families, including family members with a disability. The Up Center works directly with the Trust Grantor to help manage funds for clients with disabilities to ensure the client receives benefits as needed from the trust. Government benefits depend on a person’s assets and resources and diagnosis and functionality. Money in a special needs trust is not controlled directly by the person with a disability. As a result, money in a special needs trust does not affect government benefits if it is being spent appropriately.
However, government agencies limit how money from a trust can be used. Many special needs trusts are set up with rules about what the money can be used for. If a special needs trust is managed well, it is a great way to save for the future and protect government benefits.

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