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Model Healthy Relationships for Children









Children watch and imitate what others say and do. That is why the way we treat others influences how children relate to family members, friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors and even acquaintances.

  • Here are some traits to model that teach children about healthy relationships:
  • Respect. Mutual respect for each other’s decisions and choices and for who they are.
  • Trustworthiness. The ability to create a feeling of safety in a relationship.
  • Compromise. Knowing when to meet someone halfway is a valuable skill.
  • Support. Sometimes you give it, other times you receive it. Balance is the key.
  • Dependability. Being someone others can count on says a lot about one’s character.
  • Listening. Taking the time to listen paves the way to understanding.
  • Honesty. Open and honest communication allows us to connect with one another.
  • Loyalty. Commitment to another person is powerful, especially when times are rough.

Healthy relationships require positive behaviors. Modeling healthy relationships influences the ability of children to form and keep strong relationships now and as adults. The Up Center has a variety of programs designed to help parents and kids learn more about how to have a healthy relationship, such as Parent Education classes, Team Up Mentoring, and our monthly Foster Care Support Group.

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