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Have You Caught Your Kids Being Good?








Encourage positive behavior with your child at home by “catching them being good!”

A positive form of discipline, this is the opposite of punishment (where a child’s privileges or special items are taken away for misbehavior). When you “catch a child being good” they learn they get attention for acceptable behavior, not acting out (many children act out to get attention). It teaches a desired behavior through modeling (showing children how we would like them to behave).

Children can be “caught being good” when doing many ordinary things, so choose behaviors the child may struggle with. Examples can be – playing cooperatively with a friend or sibling, sharing, showing empathy for someone who is hurt or sick, playing alone quietly for short periods of time, doing a chore/homework without being asked…

There are many small ways to “catch your child being good”; be creative and think small. Children will catch on quickly and want to choose more positive behaviors that will get a positive parental response. Once “caught” reward (encourage) the behavior. One way is by creating coupons that you can give the child for fun activities.

Coupons can consist of different things; most should not cost money. Children value our time and attention more than anything. Examples of coupons can be – 30 minute ‘play date’ with a parents, making a craft together, taking turns making up funny/silly stories, going to the park, choosing a movie/favorite show to watch, making the child’s favorite meal, doing one of the child’s chores for them. Some ideas can be found here and here. You know your child best; get creative and have fun with it!

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