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Free Parenting Classes in Norfolk

Children do not come with an operations manual. They are easy to love and being a positive influence in a child’s life means learning to how to balance well-meaning direction, nurturance and guidance. One way of being a good role model and parent means using age appropriate discipline. Discipline is training or instruction that corrects inappropriate behaviors and conduct in children as well as teaching children self-control. An engaging parent or care taker provides effective discipline that teaches children:

  • How to behave appropriately in various situations
  • Demonstrates the appropriate way of expressing one’s feelings
  • How to play fair and with others
  • Family values and
  • How to be safe and keep other people and things safe.

The Up Center offers a range of parent education and support services that help parents develop skills to raise a healthy, happy child. In April, the following parenting workshops will take place in Norfolk. Classes are free and open to the public.

Words of Praise and Positive Talk
Thursday, April 2, 2:30-3:30 p.m., Up Center Books (1011 W. 25th Street)

Participant will learn about the dangers of Shaken Baby Head Trauma and how to use positive self-talk to decrease feelings of stress. Learning the benefits of using words of praise, they will focus upon the use of positive talk and good touch discipline.

Catching Kids Being Good, April 10 in Portsmouth, April 24 in Norfolk
Wednesday, April 7, 9:00-11:00 a.m., Up Center Books (1011 W. 25th Street)
Thursday, April 8, 11:00-1:00, Norfolk YWCA (5215 Colley Avenue)

Encourage positive behavior with your child at home by “catching them being good.” Hear about the benefits of positive reinforcement to help change your focus of the negative consequences for misbehavior. Participants will design a coupon book to use with your children.

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